Our Approach

In the fast-paced world today, it’s hard to remember the importance of taking the time to listen. At Icenhower’s Tax Service, we take the time to listen and find out the real needs of our customers. We treat every customer with respect and like an old friend.

Our Story

Harold Icenhower started Icenhower’s Tax over 40 years ago working part-time from home, as well as, working at a mill, full-time. When he felt he was ready he quit his job at the mill and started working his business full-time. Eventually, his son and daughters would come to work for him. When he passed in June of 2014 his youngest daughter (Linda Icenhower-Cartwright) would take the lead on running the business. Even though his shoes were big to fill, he would be proud of Linda. Harold had a way of treating his clients like they were family and developed deep friendships and trust from most people that had the pleasure of meeting him. We here at Icenhower’s believe that is the best way to treat people, and we thank Harold for his roll in instilling those characters in us.